About Us


Skinny Dog Studio started shortly after we adopted our first greyhound, Minnie, in February 2015. We were looking for a beautiful and durable martingale collar, and wanted something that worked as well as looked great. With the materials know-how from working as an Orthotist (making custom orthopaedic braces), Meagan set to work sewing a collar we hadn’t ever seen available: a collar that combined the beauty and softness of leather with the durability and ease of use of nylon webbing. Over time, the design has been reworked and perfected to create a collar that will last a lifetime.


Orthotist by day, greyhound lover, and crafter

I was taught to sew by my mother at a young age, and perfected heavy-duty sewing through my training to become an Orthotist. I love using the skills I have learned in a new way- to make beautiful and functional pieces for greyhounds.


Chief product tester and model

Minnie (race name Evening Eva) was adopted after her racing career in Alabama finished in early 2015. She is a very easy-going girl, and loves nothing more than going to the dog park so she can get pets and compliments from all the humans. Minnie has tested every version of the Skinny Dog collar for comfort and durability.



*Add time-lapse video of crafting process



With a little TLC, your Skinny Dog Studio product will last a lifetime. Leather is a natural material, so your collar will benefit from the following advice:

  • If your collar gets wet, pat it as dry as you can with a towel or cloth. Reshape the collar, and allow it to dry vertically at room temperature. Never use a hair dryer or place near a heat source such as a fireplace.
  • If your collar is worn regularly, it will absorb the natural oils from your dog’s skin and will not require leather conditioning. The leather in our collars is untreated, and as it absorbs the oil from your dog’s skin it may darken with time, taking on a natural patina.
  • If your collar is not worn for some time, it may require moisturizing with a natural leather conditioner. Avoid petroleum-based products as the collar is worn directly against your dog’s skin.

Cleaning your collar:

If your collar becomes mud covered, wipe off as much wet mud as possible. Brush off dry mud with a soft brush or cloth. The best and least expensive way to clean the leather is with vinegar and water. Combine one part water with three parts water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the leather, then wipe off with a clean lint-free cloth. Let dry and repeat as necessary. Once you are satisfied that the collar is clean, it needs to be conditioned.

Conditioning your collar:

In general, if your Skinny Dog collar is worn daily, your dog’s coat will supply all the oil that the collar will need to be supple. If your collar is stored for many months, or has required a deep cleaning as specified above, the leather will dry out and natural oils need to be added back in. We suggest using a natural oil/wax product rather than a petroleum based product. Try any product you are considering using on the back side of the collar first to assess its effect